Flotank 120 Gallon Rain Barrel

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New product for Spring 2021! This product can be ordered now and will delivered in May, well in time to collect water for the dry season.

Any questions? Write us at info@flotank.ca

Our 120 gallon Flotank Rain Barrel can be used for a variety of applications and is perfect for houses or cottages where a more compact tank is needed, while holding vastly more water than the typical 50 gallon size residential rain barrels.

The Flotank Rain Barrel is 

50 inches tall and 29.5 inches in diameter and can be placed neatly under your downspout to maximize your rainwater collection. 

At 33lbs, it is strong enough to last and light enough to be moved on a dolly and positioned by a single person.

The Rain Barrel is made to the same high standards as our bigger tanks using UV stabilized LLDPE and comes with a 5 Year warranty.

The Flotank Rain Barrel is 100% recyclable and we offer a take back program for our water tanks and rain barrels to make sure they are upcycled into new products.