220 Gallon Water storage Tank - Black

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Our Single-layer food-grade 220gal 1000lt water storage tank is ideal for the storage of well and drinking water.

Black - to block out light and prevent algae growth.

Best used in shaded areas to prevent water heating, ideal for increasing your year-round water storage capacity, and used out of direct sunlight

Increased water storage 

Your 220gal imperial gallon water storage tank is 1000lt, and ideal for increasing your property's water storage capacity.

Drinking water safe  

Our water tanks are made from FDA-approved potable water-safe food-grade plastic and are produced to the highest quality standards.

Keeping you, your garden, and your vegetables safe from the toxins found in regular plastics.

Keeps your water fresh.  

Our black tanks are engineered to block out light to inhibit algae growth, keeping your water fresher for longer.

Easy setup and maintenance.

At 70lbs, it is built to last and light enough to be moved on a dolly and be positioned by a single person.

The 16" manway comes with a large solid HDPE lid for easy cleaning.

Our water tank fixtures are made from CSA and NSF accredited materials for drinking water applications.

10-year Guarantee
Our Water storage tanks are built to last, with our water tanks made of UV stabilized LLDPE and come with a 10 Year warranty.

A Sustainable Product
We are committed to delivering a sustainable product all through its life cycle and will take back tanks that are end-of-life and granulate them for use in new products to keep plastic out of our landfills.


Weight 70 lbs
Dimensions 31.5" in diameter × 80" in height
Wall Thickness

0.2 inches


220 Imperial Gallons
1000 Litre
264 US Gallons


Black to prevent algae growth


10 years


Food grade UV Stabilized LLDPE


16” inch manway with solid regular or lockable lid.


100% Recyclable. 

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